Who is Jack Bosch?

Jack Bosch is one of the Country’s foremost experts in Tax Delinquent Property Investing and more recently an educator in Real Estate Investment Matters.

Author ImageSince 2002 I have been buying and selling mainly unimproved land and after counting them the other day I realized that I have done more than 3,203 Land Deals. These are NOT transactions where I was facilitating the sale as an Agent, but instead I was a principal in the transaction (usually through one of my LLCs), I had not realized that it was that many in such a short time.

I have been focusing on Real Estate Investing since the year 2002 and have been education the public about Investing in Tax Delinquent properties since the year 2008.

I currently hold a Real Estate License in the State of Arizona but do not use it to represent anyone but just use it for my own investment matters (although none is needed to do that) (this disclosure is required by the State of Arizona)

Jack’s Investment History:

I did not start out with much knowledge about Real Estate.

I did start out my Working life after college with a decent education but $0.00 to my name, a job and an old car. I had never owned any real estate and actually didn’t even know even the most minimal terminology used in the real estate world.

The first time I read about things like “deeds” I did not even understand what that word meant. I could just reference it to the Bible, into “good deeds” and “bad deeds” but Deeds in Houses? What the heck was that about?

But when I was not happy with my job which kept me away from my wife for weeks at the time I started looking for ways out of the JOB world. I wanted to take charge of my own life and not be someone’s “slave” being chased from client to client working long hours and getting NONE of the profits I was generating for my company.

I started looking at all kinds of investment and business opportunities. None of them qualified for my criteria.

Any business I wanted to get into needed pass the following test.

  1. Can it create HUGE PROFITS without me traveling and working 14 hour days
  2. Can it create Passive Income, meaning that once I created he cash flow stream does the cash flow stream continue for a substantial period of time (years).
  3. Can it be put on auto-pilot, meaning can I create it such that I build a system that others can follow and I basically check in and make sure everything is going as planned.

I looked at Retail business, Franchises, Multi-Level Marketing, so many business types I can hardly remember them all. And none passed that test in all 3 aspects.

But then I came across TAX DELINQUENT LAND AND HOMES and in particular the concept of buying land and small homes on which property taxes are owed, and the more I learned about it, the more I realized that right there in front of me was the MOST OVERLOOKED SECRET in the world. No not, just Buying Tax Lien Certificates and going to TAX SALES. Although there are TREMENDOUS amounts of money to be made in this area!!!

And most importantly I realized soon after looking at this area of investing that there are several investment techniques which are barely known which really had the potential to massively boost the performance and the profits in this business.

As a result this business MET, PASSED and EXCEEDED all three Criteria I had set.

PLUS IT SOUNDED AS LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!