How to Get 3 times The Rent On Rental Houses Guaranteed by the government with out it being Section 8; With Nick Sidoti and Jack Bosch

Sorry, this opportunity has passed.
We were not kidding when we said we had to take it down after 3 more sales

Please stay tuned for the next webinar coming up soon.


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Walter Hill said...
Jack Bosch Blog Comment

Iwant to know about the rental properties 3times the money.

Jack Bosch said...
Jack Bosch Blog Comment

JACK: Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. This is nick Sidoti’s program and unfortunately he is very strict on when he allows us to make that program available. So unfortunately I can’t make the webinar available again until he agrees and chances are that will be a while from now.

timothy popoola said...
Jack Bosch Blog Comment

I want to know more about your program/business

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