Julie Krommenhoek – Chandler AZ

“I sent out 100 letters, using one of the letters you have in the program and I got about a 30% response rate. My very first call was a guy that sold me 10 acres and I bought it from him for $900 and ended up selling it for $3,100, so not a bad profit for my first deal!”

Disclaimer: The customers giving success stories might have received a tuition reimbursement. Of those who purchases this or other of Jack Bosch's program the generally expected result is that they make no income.

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Julie said...
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It sounds like a plan !! Jack I am so tired of living pay check to pay check, I would love to start in a program like this one, Slowly and understanding every detail in it, with support s well if need it . Everything I hear about you as a mentor in business has been good. I unfortunately have not been able to attend a live conference next time you come to Orlando Fl I will be there

Bernadette Coss said...
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I bought Land Profit Generator. I sent out 40 letters and got one deal where I opened escrow for $50.00 and sold to new buyer 20 days latter for $22,000 profit.

Jack Bosch said...
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That is awesome! Keep up the great work.
Here’s to your success!

– Jack

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