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Till this day, people still wonder how my students and I, are CONSISTENTLY picking up deals for .10-.25 cents on the dollar, and then quickly flipping them for $10K, $20K, even $86K in Profits just from ONE DEAL... It's no secret, Watch the video below to learn more:

Did you catch my webinar earlier this week? We shared a super smart way to put an extra $5K-$10K (each month) in your pocket without having to buy or sell real estate! This is something that 95% of investors have no clue exists, and the ones that...

Hey! I want to share my #1 “go-to” strategy for turning Land into BIG cash paydays. As you watch the video below, I’ll reveal how I find these amazing land deals for 5-25 cents on the dollar, how I quickly flip them to the highest bidder, and how to create 4-5 figure monthly cashflow... Note: The video comes down MONDAY – so be sure to tune in right now!

My daughter Sophia is selling Girl Scout cookies and she needs your help! I'm very proud of her because she took the initiative, and recorded a short video below to tell you all about it, PLUS, there's a new flavor that just got released...

When I first heard about what my friend Jason was doing in his local market, I didn't believe it... 27 Cash Buyers in a matter of seconds? But he cracked the code, and now he has an UNLIMITED supply of deals in his pipeline. In just the past 14 days alone, he's found over 200+ deals that meet his qualifications for a quick flip and closing, and it barely cost him anything. You won't believe where all these deals are coming from... Watch the video below.
Of course today isn't Thanksgiving... :) But since no one was in the office yesterday, I couldn't get this VIDEO out to you in time, but nonetheless, the message I share in it is very important...
Making BIG life changing decisions can be difficult, but here's a little exercise that I do to help make these choices a bit easier... Feel free to leave comments below the video.
Some of the BIGGEST reasons I invest in land over houses is because it offers amazing cashflow, you can flip it for $10K-$20K fast, and you never have to deal with tenants, trash, or contractors... Feel free to leave comments below the video.
I just sold a piece of land FROM Maui, Hawaii! I bought the land for $2,000, sold it for $10,000 with a $514 down payment and $200/month for several years to come! I talk about it in the video below... Feel free to leave comments below the video