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This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Blank,an up and coming commercial investor, with a focus on Apartments. Michael owns multiple apartment buildings, over 1000+ doors, and he was able to accomplish this using none of his own money. I personally use some of...

Nothing feels better than hearing one of my students succeed using my strategies. Watch the video below where I talk about a simple tip to flipping property in ONE DAY!
As a Tax Delinquent Investor and Expert, I am always looking for FASTER and more ACCURATE ways of finding my deals. Some of you would say, "Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck". Only until a few months ago, there wasn't really a service available that helped investors find RELIABLE Tax Delinquent information from the county. Unless you knew what you were searching for, and how to do the search correctly, you would always end up with either BAD/OLD information, or MISSING information, which makes finding the right people incredibly difficult... But I get that not everyone has 5-10 years to learn how to do this FAST AND RIGHT... Which is why this new service I use is FREAKING AWESOME! Watch The Tutorial Below... (The video below is a recording of a LIVE session, where a Guest and I find Tax Delinquent leads in real time. Please enjoy.)
During a recent presentation to members of the Forever Cash Gold Club, I was able to share my thoughts on why more people are successful investors – they don’t have the right mindset.
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a great speech to 2014 graduates of USC.  
So I thought I knew all there is to know about Tax Sales but my friend Rick showed me something that made me laugh, cry and scream all at the same time. I literally have been walking by thousands of cash flowing properties for pennies in the last 10 years. Watch the video now to see how you can get paid for cash flowing properties nobody bids on at tax sales.

Due to the recent stabilization of Country land, and the anticipated upswing in Land for Sale prices for both Large and Small Properties, now it s the time to by. Currently Country land is still available for cheap all over the United States and particularly in...