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“…Once we found Jack and started using his system, everything changed for Us!”

Ben Legg

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“Since following Jack’s Land program and coaching program, I have been successfully buying & selling several profitable land deals, but... 

I purchased 16.1 acres in Texas for $17k and resold it to a cash buyer for $60k in less than one week!

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“…I have a total of 28 contracts in!”


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“…We put a parcel of land under contract for about 30K and sold it for about 55K our net profit was just under 25K!”

Kasey K. & Courtney B.

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“…I was literally able to make a profit on the very first person I sent out a letter to! “

Edward Williams

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“…the buyer of this house actually bought two houses from me at once, so I gave him a deal!”

Amy McArthur

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“We bought several pieces of property using this program and we sold our first one just recently…”

Jean Schnebly

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“I bought (Jacks) excess funds program and made over $2,000 and I’ve also flipped a piece of property and made over $5,000!”

Joann Caudel

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“I found the piece of vacant land and wholesaled it real quick and make a quick $4,000!”

Justin Patterson

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“I mailed to 30 people and 2 people responded … I went ahead and closed them both … the first one I flipped for $28,000 …and the... 

Olga Carlson

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“I did what you said and got a property under contract for a little over $3,300 –here’s the check where I sold it for $10,000!”

Susan Ortiz

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“By following Jack’s program step-by-step we were able to purchase our first property for $151 and about 2 weeks later continuing to follow... 

Chris and Margaret Brockett

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“I ended up purchasing 3 properties …just recently sold the first one and ended up making enough to pay for all 3 lots and my marketing and... 

Zach Harsh

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“I researched the property and listed on his site (SunnyLand.com) and within 30 days I got several prospects on the property and sold the property!”

Peter Thoesen

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…we got $5,000 as a down payment and the reminder of $18,000 was financed… which is $308 per month in cash flow for about 7 years!

Francisca McMurray

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“…by far Jack Bosch offers the best real estate training that I have seen!”

Fred Mills

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Here is another great testimonial from a student named Jerry. He talks about a deal he did “within 2 days of getting [Jack’s] system”... 


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How I bought Land For Pennies

“In 2012 I did 7 deals, 7 more deals in 2013, 9 deals in 2014 and so far 10 deals in 2015…”

Kathleen Korbel

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“Jack helped us make $5,000 on one tax delinquent lot.”

Kenneth Youngblood

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“…we bought two duplexes for $500”

Jason Maxwell

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