County Departments Explained

County Departments Explained

Here is a brief overview of the different county departments and their functions…

Assessor (also called the Appraiser in some states)

  • They are responsible for apprising the properties for tax purposes.
  • They keep undated information about the property and owner. (But not tax information)

Treasurer (also called the Tax Collector  in some states)

  • They are responsible for collecting the taxes in the county
  • They are also the department that manages the Tax Deed or Tax Lien auctions for delinquent property.
  • They also are responsible for sending out late notices to owners who are late on their property taxes.
  • They do not keep detailed property information only information that is related to them collecting taxes.

Recorder (also called the Clerk)

  • Responsible for recording and maintaining deeds, liens, plat maps and any public documents relating to a property.

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