A conspiracy theory that rings true

A conspiracy theory that rings true

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? I do.

I’m not talking about who shot JFK or the Illuminati – I’m talking about those who would withhold the knowledge you need. I talking about people who know what it takes to get ahead financially and who purposefully insist that you do the opposite.

In short, I’m talking about financial advisors and their mission to keep you under their thumb.

In my book Forever Cash and here on my blog, I am trying to let people know that they can become financially free forever by doing what wealthy people have done for generations. And once you understand the power of all this knowledge and enlightenment, you will also be able to see through the messages you are getting from the media, the banks, the financial advice industry, and the school system—all of whom knowingly or unknowingly (because they just don’t know any better) operate together to keep you blind and following their bad advice.

When you read Forbes magazine and see ads for expensive investment banks, stop and think for a second. Who paid for those ads to appear in Forbes? The investment banks did, of course. That means that Forbes, Fortune, and all the rest are directly receiving money from big investment banks. Is it really reasonable to think that those magazines don’t want to keep their biggest advertisers happy by not printing anything negative about them?

Big investment firms control the message you hear through virtually all communication channels, and they make sure you never hear something that deviates from what they preach. Honestly, it is mostly bad advice that has been primarily designed to help them, and it is advice that will just keep you treading water.

Lee Oswald Harvey is probably the guy that shot JFK, Al Qaeda probably brought down the Twin Towers, and the Illuminati probably died out a long time ago.

But the conspiracy of big banks to keep your poor – that theory is alive and well – and I think it’s high time you stopped being a patsy for them!


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