About 2017

Jack Bosch is one of the Country’s foremost experts in Tax Delinquent Property Investing
and more recently an educator in Real Estate Investment Matters.

Since 2002 I have been buying and selling mainly unimproved land and after counting them the other day I realized that I have done more than 3,203 Land Deals. These are NOT transactions where I was facilitating the sale as an Agent, but instead I was a principal in the transaction (usually through one of my LLCs), I had not realized that it was that many in such a short time.

I have been focusing on Real Estate Investing since the year 2002 and have been education the public about Investing in Tax Delinquent properties since the year 2008.

I currently hold a Real Estate License in the State of Arizona but do not use it to represent anyone but just use it for my own
investment matters (although none is needed to do that) (this disclosure is required by the State of Arizona)

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