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Jack Bosch has been a well-known figure in real estate investing circles for several years now, and his investment programs and seminars have helped tens of thousands of people to learn more about making money even in times of recession. Jack recently decided that it was time to go even further and to share his wealth creation expertise with the whole world. On September 10, 2013, his revolutionary financial education book Forever Cash was released.

Have a look at the following excerpt from the introduction of this book:

“I would challenge you to at least open your mind to the possibility that there is a path for you out of your current life situation and towards financial independence without having to risk everything. This book is written to help you become a Money Master in a methodical, easy to grasp and easy to do way.”

This book, available from and, and all regular book stores has already been very well-received and is making waves in the personal finance world. Listen to what some of the people who have read the book have to say:

“I will be implementing and teaching your principles to my family, friends and staff.”
Julie Verrinder, Business owner – Sargent Steam

“FINALLY somebody wrote a book on building real wealth that has actually done it and done precisely the way he shows in his book. Jack all I can say after reading your book is amen…I guess it took a German to re-introduce us to what it takes to achieve the American Dream.”
Warren Taryle, CPA

“I am a firm believer that cash flow is king.”
Jordan D. Jobe, Financial Advisor

“This book is a must read for any age; Jack over delivers on this book!” reviewer lhoover

“If you have a thimble full of ambition and/or drive and are a member of the working poor, this is simply a must read!” reviewer JP Sims

A little information about the author…

Jack Bosch is an entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker, and wealth mentor who became a cash and Forever Cash millionaire through real estate investments and online businesses. A German immigrant, Jack left his job after a corporate downturn in search for security and the American dream of wealth. Within 18-months he reached his goal by discovering and implementing the “Forever Cash” Wealth Philosophy.

An active real estate investor since 2003, and respected investment trainer since 2008, Jack has reached tens of thousands of regular people around the world with his best-selling training programs including: “The Land Profit Generator”, “The Hidden Tax Sale Cash System”, and “Tax Sale Guides” With his trainings and seminars Jack educates his students on the secrets to creating and maintaining true lasting generational wealth outside of the traditional 9-5 world.

Through the diligent application of the Forever Cash Philosophy, Jack was, by the age of 34, in the position to retire. Instead he set upon a mission to help other’s achieve their financial goals. Jack believes anyone, no matter age or situation, can become and stay wealthy within 3 to 5 years’ time in their own business—even if they are working full time starting with little money or assets. Jack shares his proven wealth strategies for creating a life of abundance in Forever Cash.

In his book Forever Cash, Jack dispels the myth that it takes a lifetime to build enough wealth to be able to retire and that traditional investing and traditional business is the only way to wealth. Instead, this book shares the principals of creating multiple sources of cash flow that exceed the average person’s expenses and debts and therefore creates Forever Cash financial Independence. In fact, “Forever Cash” can be accomplished within just a few years by anyone even working a fulltime day job—despite experience, situation, and lack of money or lack of assets.

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