All about brands…

All about brands…

Are you building a “brand”?

Think of Coca-Cola, Cheerios, and McDonald’s. Each of those companies has teams of strategists and marketers working around the clock to make sure that every time a person thinks of their “brand” a certain image or idea comes into their mind. Coca-Cola means people laughing; Cheerios is moms giving their kids a healthy breakfast; and McDonald’s means supporting the Olympics and “Happy Meals”.

But now think about Jim Cramer, Kim Kardashian, and Dennis Rodman. Those individuals have also worked hard to develop a personal “brand” that can easily be identified.

When potential clients hear your name, will they recognize it? If they click on your Facebook or Twitter feed, what will they see and what conclusions will they draw about you?

Gone are the days when our public and professional lives could stay separate. Now, investors and entrepreneurs must be constantly aware of the image they are projecting and the way that image might affect potential deals in the future.

If you haven’t taken definite steps to build a brand, then ythe public might have the wrong idea about you.

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