Author: Mike Decker

You already know my feelings about a college education and how it relates to making money. In fact, Chapter 6 of my book Forever Cash is titled: Education is Good - but What Kind?
If, like me, you have been closely watching the city of Detroit, then you can identify with me when I say that it has been quite a roller coaster. From mounting debt to bankruptcy to houses practically being given away, there were moments when I thought that the Motor City was done for. But this recent news article came as a pleasant surprise - Detroit is bouncing back and proving to be a stronger market than all previous estimates.

There are two main ways to learn about real estate investing: 1) From other investors and 2) From your own experience. While your own experience can be a great teacher, the lessons can be pretty expensive. That's why I'm a fan of soaking up as much...

In the final installment of my “if you want success with my programs” series, I wanted to talk about something that I am very proud of – my Forever Cash Gold Club.