At my live events, you get to become part of a very special community. As I explained in my previous blog post, you get to network and rub shoulders with fellow tax delinquent real estate investors and bounce ideas off them, talk about past and future deals, and compare notes. But at my live events there is another type of person that you get to meet and speak with: my team members.
Often times, we are own worst critics. This can be good if it pushes you to do better each day, but it can be harmful if it leads to underestimating your potential. When we embark on a new business endeavor or start to tackle a long term goal, it’s natural to have some fears. Fears and doubts are a normal part of the thinking process. They help you to make wise decisions. But, what if your fears are louder than you logic?
Are you procrastinating reaching your dreams? You will never reach your dreams if you don’t take the first step. Have you purchased one of my programs? Have you sent out your first batch of letters to people who might be interested in selling? If not, why? Have you become a victim of procrastination? This bad habit can stop you from fulfilling your potential and achieving success in life.
Bad advice can not only be a major roadblock to success, it can steer you in the opposite direction. When should you ask for advice and how do you know if it will work you?
Who’s in control, you or your bad habit? We all have them and we all have the power to break them. Don’t let breaking a bad habit be just another unfulfilled New Year’s resolution; take charge. The worst thing about some of these bad habits is that they may be eating into your wealth and keeping you from creating your legacy.
When you take three left turns you end up in the exact place where started. This is essentially what can happen if you become distracted and keep taking detours on your road to success. How can you keep focused on goals?
You should never stop learning. In a moment I share some ideas to feed your knowledge about making and investing money, but you should absolutely read books on any subject that you are passionate about – whether it’s black holes or ballet. Being successful doesn’t mean reaching a certain pint in your life and stopping – it’s always about progressing and doing more and more.