Making a lot of money is just part of a satisfying life. While it’s true that my main goal on this website is to help you to increase your earnings and net worth, that doesn’t mean that I think that being rich is the answer to all of life’s problems.
I want you to be successful. I want you to make boatloads of money and to have the luxuries you dream of. But I also want you to be balanced as you get more success and make more money.
Passive income is a beautiful thing. You get money over and over for having made a wise investment at some point in the past. One idea that has been popular with both myself and many of my students is purchasing a nice house and then renting it out. In fact, this method is part of what kept me in the black during the recent financial crisis.
Here is an interesting question: how should you use the money that your passive income assets generate? Instead of buying expensive toys, here are some reasons for reinvesting that cash for just a little while longer before you start living off of it.
I hope that this series of blog posts has been getting you excited about passive income. There are so many ways to create it that it would be foolish to live in the “trading hours for dollars” mentality any longer than you had to. Let’s look at another method for generating passive
All this week, I am sharing valuable tips for creating passive income sources. Before I cover more ideas in the coming days, I wanted to address some negative comments you might hear from time to time from the haters.
This week on my blog, I will be sharing different ideas for generating passive income. I want you to work your butt off just once so that you can enjoy the cash flow FOREVER. In this first blog post, I wanted to talk about investing in restaurants as a passive income asset. Please note that I am not talking about starting a restaurant of your own, but rather buying an already established one.
When a sailboat is on the water, it doesn’t matter which the way the wind blows because the sailboat can easily adjust its sails and course to catch the wind and eventually get where it needs to go.
Like a baseball team that needs to have a balance of runners, hitters, and guys who know how to play the field, a proper investment team needs to be made up of various individuals who specialize in different aspects of making you money. Instead of trying to learn and play every position yourself, it just makes sense to hire the best and to let those folks do what they are good at.