Click Today, Profit Tomorrow

Click Today, Profit Tomorrow

If you are investing on tax delinquent properties, particularly located on rural areas, it is best that you go to the local counties and do your property research there.  Before you start to travel, put in mind that there are 3,141 counties in the United States of America.  Where to start will be a problem.  Even worse, that’s a lot of county offices to visit. It would take so much time to do that. Normally you start on counties that are near you but even though this county is near, expenses will be incurred even before you know if there are tax delinquent properties that you want to invest in on these counties. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money before you make some. Or even if you have made money, you wouldn’t want to reduce that for nothing.


So how do you get information before hand without having to pay?  You can both use the yellow pages of your phone directory and look for the contact details of these local counties or you can search their websites in the internet and explore their site on tax delinquent properties.  Most local counties nowadays have already setup their own websites in the internet.  Like for instance, if you are searching for the website of Apache County, Arizona in Google, there will be a lot of pages on the search results but the official website of Apache County, Arizona is  On this website you will be able to get the information you need on tax delinquent properties in just a click of your mouse.  If you want to look websites on counties in California like Orange County you can go to their official website which is 


Naturally you will get to see a website with information about all sorts of topics regarding the county but you can also get detailed information about properties located in that county.  You can Google all the local counties you want to visit and most probably you will see their official website on the first search result page.  By being able to search for these websites online, you now have the ability to go to each county as if you were walking in their office. What’s good about this is that you get the information the you need on your own direction without having to wait for people to help you seek it out.


There is a step further you can take to get these faster, though. There is a certain website that gives a listing of all the website information of most, if not all, counties. It can be accessed through  It is the National Association of Counties in the US.  On this site, you will be able to access the contact information for almost all counties.  It’s almost like a magic wand for the Tax Delinquent Investor. It saves time, money and effort without compromising the necessary data. So what are you waiting for? Click Today, Profit Tomorrow.

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