There is a designated time for everything. There is a time to sow and a time to reap. Also, there is a time for work and a time for rest. We cannot force things to ripen for everything has its own time to be at its best. In the tax delinquent investment industry, we learn the value of perfect timing. In this business it is important to know that there is a 15 – 20% chance that delinquent owners want to sell and there is a 2-4% chance that they will absolutely need to sell. We don’t have to force the sellers to want to unload their property or impose anything. We can contact them when the time is right. When you have established the perfect time to contact the owner send them a letter.

The owner that feel that the right time to sell is now will call you. Nothing beats a situation where the property delinquent is the one phoning you. This way they are practically handing you their Tax Delinquent Property. At any rate, when you finally have them on the other line, simply remember to be in tune with their tone of voice. Through that, you will be able to sense if he or she is being sincere or sarcastic. Always speak with a positive tone by using “Yes” words or positive re-enforcements. Don’t be scared in telling them what you think. This is your opportunity to be honest and sincere, they will be able to tell that from your voice. Don’t be worried about property values , just yet – this is your chance to increase your credibility and trust worthiness. You may close the deal with them in time. We are not in the business to make people upset. We are in the business in finding people that do not want their property any more and to be chosen to be the one to unload these to. So, try to have and maintain a pleasant conversation with a tax delinquent property owner.

You should learn the value of perfect timing. We can’t be intimidated or overconfident with ourselves. Everything has to flow naturally. Having a great conversation will help us reach our ultimate goal. Learn to be conscious with your voice, intonation and selection of words. Try to be respectful to the seller. Perfect timing will be easily attained if you know how to decipher the signs. By sending letters to delinquent owners, you will be increasing your chances of finding the perfect time to contact the owner. Remember, it is how we project ourselves that helps us close a deal and using perfect timing tops it all!

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