Do you know how I make my money?

Do you know how I make my money?

Do you know how I make my money?

By having other people work for me!
And ALL rich people do the same

It’s that simple.

Now I made the mistake of once having 25 employees and
I won’t make that mistake anymore.

And that’s actually not what I am talking about.

Instead what I am talking about is:

Rich people get other people to make money for them.

You'll never see Warren Buffet actually at one of the businesses
he owns.

You're not going to see Donald Trump driving around looking
for properties.

Mark Zuckerberg never made Facebook a dime.  He just … made
Facebook and the users and advertisers are making him money!.

Here's my point, short and sweet …

Stop working so hard.

Get other people to do everything for you.

Here's how …

One of biggest things that keeps people from success in life is their
outright refusal to share the profits.
They want 100% of every dime they make.
Therefore, they require themselves to do 100% of the work.

Me personally?  I've always given half of all my money to other
people … and done ZERO percent of the work.

It reminds me of this quote from John Rockefeller …

“I'd rather earn 1% off of 100 people's efforts than 100% off of
my own”

This applies to real estate, internet marketing, and just about
any other thing you're trying to make happen right now.

Here's a specific case study of a guy who chose to take 50% of
50 people's real estate deals, instead of 100% of his own … and
a way for you to copy him …



p.s.  This guy should write a book called The ZERO Hour Work
Week.  This is amazing.

Here's what some students have to say about Jack's Training Programs...


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