Fast Fast Fast

Fast Fast Fast

This is no rocket science but the quickest way to buy properties is just… buy direct from property owners. Do away with the lengthy (and boring) process of auction sales and race ahead.


Though speed could be tragic, it can offer sure gains when calculated well. It cuts transaction costs and facilitates efficient use of finite time and resources. Eventually, minimum and efficient cost translates to higher profits and wider opportunities.


Calculations should not be complex, but simple to permit a speedy start. Early finish certainly precedes fast start.


A calculated run in property investment could simply be listing and filtering of property owners who are willing to sell their properties. The list would clearly direct you to the right property sellers but a clear understanding of the terrain you are running will ease your run. You do not need to be an expert in real property. You just have to learn the basics of property tax delinquency. Read volumes of state laws that are readily available in the internet or casually ask people in the industry and counties. Most importantly, do a lot of groundwork to learn the prime tricks of the trade—how to buy direct and earn profit with ease and small capital outlays.


Reading more intricate information (e.g. land use maps, land details, land taxes, etc.), nowadays, is easy because they are often translated to user-friendly formats. You can always outsource complex technical and legal elements of real property to countless lawyers, developers, planners, builders and real property brokers deployed across the country. There is ton of information today that will quickly help you navigate this industry. Information are just around for you to absorb, consolidate and apply.


I am honestly not a tax lawyer neither an engineer. I was just a foreign exchange student when I started my tax delinquent investment business, but I am successful and still earning millions just by buying direct.

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