Free and Clear Cash Machine – Part 1

Free and Clear Cash Machine – Part 1

We all have heard about and are living through the biggest Downturn in US Real Estate Values since the 1930s. This has created a lot of challenges for Real Estate Investors but it also has create some incredible opportunities if you’re willing to make a few adjustment in the type of Real Estate Deals you pursue.

Most investors are still stuck in their ways of doing business that worked last year but this year the world is different.

The key today is to look for Proven methods for collecting big checks as a Real Estate Entrepreneur while taking into consideration the tighter credit markets which make getting loans for YOU as well as for the people you SELL to more difficult.

And one of the ways you can successfully leverage this exact scenario of a Market Flooded with Properties, Very little Credit is investing in “Free & Clear” Properties with “Owner Financing”

Free & Clear Owner Financing
One of the easiest and safest ways to create a quick and profitable Real Estate business throwing off enough cash each month for you and your family to have some options in life is to target and buy free and clear houses… or properties with lots of equity.
I call this “The Ultimate Strategy” for buying and selling real estate because:

  • It works on any type of property including single family houses, condos, townhomes, and even on mobile homes, multi-family, apartments, land and commercial
  • It works on property in any price range including low end, rental markets, bread butter homes, executive homes and even high end luxury homes
  • It works in any market climate including slow markets, normal markets, hot markets, post-hot markets, uncertain markets and especially in today's ‘skittish' market climate.

By targeting free and clear houses you can structure offers with owner financing that allow you to collect extra cash on the day you buy, reliable cash flow each month and huge backend paydays for cash later.

For this investing model you're going to buy on terms and then sell with terms. Or you can even hold for passive cash flow and long term wealth building.

Sound too good to be true?

You'll never try it unless you believe it work for you. Register right Below HERE and learn exactly how many people have done this and how you can also do this.

Here's some proof to get you motivated and excited…

  • How Mark from Virginia netted an extra $10,000 in cash at closing buying a $165,000 house with no money down, creating 0% financing with the seller for 7 years at $400 a month.
  • How Mike from Washington collected an extra $25,000 in cash at closing when he bought a $120,000 house no money down, creating 0% seller financing at $500 a month for 8 ½ years.
  • How Denise and Mark from California bought a newly remodeled $400,000 house which can rent at $1,800 for just $290,000 with no money down, creating 0% financing with the seller at $800 a month for 10 years.
  • How Brenda from Ohio netted an extra $10,000 in cash at closing when she bought a $180,000 house with no money down, getting 0% seller financing for 6 years at $360 a month.
  • How Marc from Minnesota buys a free and clear house each month and how he recently collected $50,000 in extra cash buying a $240,000 house for $212,000 with 6 years of 0% seller financing at $1,000 a month.
  • How Rob from Oregon created $15,000 in extra cash and a positive cash flow of $1,200 a month buying two houses in just 10 minutes with no money down funded with owner financing requiring no interest and no payments for 6 years.

The bottom line…
Regardless of what investing models you're using today, you'll enjoy more consistent success and be able to generate more immediate cash profits by targeting houses with more and more equity.

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