Highlights from my webinar with Warren Taryle

Highlights from my webinar with Warren Taryle

Last week, I held a special webinar where I invited my personal CPA and best friend Warren Taryle on to talk about tax strategy.

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He said “It’s not what you make…it’s what’s you keep.” And then he backed up his attitude by sharing the basics of tax strategy. He talked about three points:

1) Use the proper entities (LLC, corporations, etc)

2) Take advantage of deductions

3) Use tax-advantaged investing

In particular, check out how the IRS defines a “business deduction”:

w tarlye irs slide

So anything that can potentially benefit your business can be deducted and make you responsible for less taxes.

Warren’s business offers great counseling and you can get a free report by going to www.jackscpa.com.

Check it out!

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