A successful tax delinquent investment requires your undaunted focus towards your ultimate goal. Just like a golfer intimidated yet captivated by the sublimely peaceful greenery — his goal is the hole on the other end. As well as, with a person who plays darts — his only goal is the bull’s eye. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the most appealing letter to be read and understood and to yield a successful transaction regardless on what motivation gets you there. Being focused on our target – a low price for a great tax delinquent property and a good relationship with the owner are prime ingredients in hitting the bull's eye.


Formulating a short letter is simple and easy. Our focus is to formulate a direct, straight to the point, focused and positive letter. An average of three to five sentences or a paragraph will do. Let me give you one good example,


“I noticed you own land in Redondo Beach in California. I’m very interested in your property that is overlooking the pacific and I am capable in paying you in cash. You can unburden yourself with property ownership and delinquent taxes. I am hoping to hear a positive response from you. You can contact me through my mobile number or through my website. Thank you and have a good day!”


With a clear intention in stating your interest in a short letter, it will definitely yield the highest response rate from owners. Being direct and straightforward is not a disadvantage since, you get to express your message in a clear concise manner and avoid wasting time by not beating around the bush. From this type of letter, you definitely projected a very firm and edged personality.  With honesty, clarity and sincerity you can be sure you have made a good impression and could possible earn you an investment property. You can say that, you definitely hit the bull’s eye!

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