How do you determine the estimated Real value of a property?

How do you determine the estimated Real value of a property?

When buying a property using the techniques explained at one of the most important aspects is of course your ability to estimate and approximate how much a property is actually worth, irrespective of what the County Assessed Value is? Because it is based on this value that you decide how much to offer so you can make your desired profit of 500% to 1,000% and more.

Here is a very brief list of resources as a preview of the actual eGuide (which is much more detailed). For more details on how to determine a good value estimate on properties and how you can buy them for as little as $100.00, purchase my eGuide

  1. County Assessor Webpage (sales records) and Assessor’s office. If the county has a good online presence it might be possible to look up what people paid for property in the immediate area of your property.

  1. The Assessed Value and its often a fairly stable percentage of the Real Market Value. In counties where prices have been stable over the last 5-10 years, the assessor usually has a thumb rule on what that approx. ratio of “COUNTY ASSESSED VALUE TO TRUE MARKET VALUE is. This can be something like 75% or as little as 10% and it varies from state to state, but the county officials should be able to tell you what it is for their state.

  1. Websites like,, or locale realtor’s WebPages. These webpages can be very helpful; zoom into the immediate property area and see what properties in the vicinity sold for (in the case of

  1. Call a local realtor. A good realtor working in the area you are looking at should have a good feel for prices and should be willing to give you some estimates free of charge.

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