How to identify motivated sellers

How to identify motivated sellers

How can you find the land owners who are most likely willing to sell? It’s easy: let the county do the work for you.

If you want to make money flipping land or houses, you have to follow the old maxim: “Buy low and sell high”. So your first goal should be to find motivated sellers.

Some investors use a publically printed list of houses about to be foreclosed on to contact owners. But what often happens is that the owner is inundated with offers for their house, and you have to send out five or six letters just to get their attention. That’s a lot of work and postage spent on something with no guarantee. So you should go elsewhere to find the motivated sellers who no one else knows about. And the county can tell you who these people are.

Long before a house is threatened with foreclosure or a property is offered at a tax sale, the owner will usually become delinquent on their property taxes. The county is legally obligated to keep a list of these delinquent owners, even though their names might not be published for several more years.

All you have to do is call up the county and get that list.

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