How to Invest Real Estate Tax Liens and Tax Deeds if you are not a US. Citizen

How to Invest Real Estate Tax Liens and Tax Deeds if you are not a US. Citizen

I have received this question a lot from my friends in outside the US who hear about the concept of Tax Lien investing.

“Can I invest in Tax liens and Tax deeds even though I am not an US citizen.”

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The answer is yes. As long as you have a valid ID with a social security number or even only a US TAX Identification number, which you can get even as a foreign citizen and even if you don’t live in the US, you can invest in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.

If you have these you are ready to invest. Attend the auctions live or online, and buy and bid with confidence. More and more states and counties do online auctions so you can even save the travel expenses.

However make sure you do your due diligence on VALUE, LOCATION, ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, and, LOOK AND CONDITION of the property prior to investing your money. If you live far away from the property, you can do this via phone, Google Earth, county provided aerial pictures. If that does not satisfy you, you can always hire the services of a Real Estate professional who for a small fee is more than willing to visit the property for you, take some pictures and do some of the research for you.

Then if the auction is online, you are set. But if it is live, you might again want to hire someone to go to the auction for you. But make sure you give that person exact directions on what they should bid on and how low or high they are allowed to go. Otherwise you are up for a surprise.

Another option for you would be to look at “over the counter” tax lien investments, which have the advantage that you can do all the work without particular time pressure from home on your phone and computer and then once you are ready you just send a cashier’s check (or wire) to the county with the property ID, Tax lien ID, your Bidder ID and they in return will mail you the Tax lien Certificate.

It is very simple, just use the modern technology and you can do it. To learn more visit

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