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Hidden Tax Sale Cash Success Stories

Check out what people have done with this course – it's pretty inspiring.

Trinette Hobbs

This student purchased a duplex and a four plex (that had tenents in them) for $100 just three weeks after getting the Hidden Tax Sale Cash course. Check out her amazing success!

Rissa Collins

Jack Bosch Blog Comment
Hi Jack, I finally got my 2nd & last check from the property I purchased for $10.00 on Oct 31, 2011. It sold at the Nov 1, 2011 tax sale in Cooke Co TX, for $16,000. The overage amount was $6,624.07. I lucked out & purchased the LLC along with the property, as in TX you have to be named on the lawsuit to collect the overage (I had no idea when I purchased it, lol). The county atty offered to file for the overage for me, but did not do so in a timely enough manner, & the purchaser was being a total jerk, so I insisted that the purchaser at the tax sale pay me for a quit claim deed also. He did, in the amount of $3,750(see bottom check). I split the overage amount with a colleague for a portion of another deal, & collected my 1/2 the overage amount, or $3,312.03(see top check) last week. All in all, I received a total of $7,062.03, plus part of another
deal! This is SWEET!!! Thanks!!!


Steve Hilbon

Jack Bosch Blog Comment
I bought 10 parcels from a guy for $1000 total-$100 each. This is Riverside County, CA which is a tax deed state. They sold for over $14,000 more than the tax owed so I will receive that in excess proceeds. By state statute there is a one year right of redemption against the county having not done their notices properly (in other words if someone comes out of the woodwork claiming he was in the chain of title and would have paid the back taxes had he been properly notified) before they even look at your claim and then about another 6 months for them cut the checks. But I have spoken to them and I will get my money. So it works for me.

Jason Maxwell

Jack Bosch Blog Comment

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