KISS hello, not Goodbye A Simple Letter will do….

KISS hello, not Goodbye A Simple Letter will do….

In Tax Delinquent Investment, knowing how to write a letter is pertinent to your success. I have spoken of three different letters I use in my business. The first type of letter I use is the simple letter. This it one of the letters you can send the owner of the property that you are interested in. This letter could look something like this:

“I notice you own this land in Cook County. I’m very interested in purchasing it. I’ll pay cash. Get rid of the burden of property ownership and contact me.”

The advantage of using this type of letter that it has proven to get the highest response rate of all the letters that I have prepared in the my experience. This simple letter does not say a whole lot. It just peaks the person’s interest. After sending this letter, the seller may just immediately call you and you can begin discussions regarding your purchase. Your Tax Delinquent Investment horizon just gets a little bit brighter at this point.

Another advantage that you will experience from a simple type of letter is you get to speak to each seller first. This will get to feel him or her out and see what their motivation is. As a result of this, you can discard a lot of sellers right away. Hence, the seller is motivated. Just take note of the sellers who are motivated and there will be no problem that will arise from there.

If a seller tells you that he/she has moved away and not interested with the property anymore. That’s a much greater advantage. They might have realized that the certain property is a burden already.

Remember that as buyers and investors, we should try to be direct to the point. Beating around the bush will just get you nowhere. If you never learn to Keep It Short and Simple, you can KISS the deal goodbye. Remember to Keep it Short and Simple to Savor the sweet smell of success in your Tax Delinquent Investment business.

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