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World-renowned management consultant Peter Drucker once stated: "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." And you know what? He was right.

Being a good leader isn't just about getting the job done - it's about getting the right job done at the right time. Being a good leader isn't just about knowing how to work, because it also has to do with using your judgement to decide wetween various options and to weigh the possible consequences of your actions.

A good magic trick can enthrall an audience of thousands. But once you take a peek behind the curtain and see how the trick is done, your first thought will probably be: "Well I can do that."

Get ready to peek behind the curtain.

I saw this infographic today and thought that it was just great. Notice the nontraditional career paths of the four investors and you tell me whether or not thinking outside of the box works! ...

Tax season is here! And while many Americans will heave sighs as they sign large checks to the government, others will cheer as they open their tax refunds. It is predicted that the average American family will receive more than $3,000 in refunds this year! But how will they spend it? Have a look at this chart created by CNN:
So much of today’s business dealings take place on the internet. We use Skype, instant messaging, emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and use our phones to send texts and little emoticon thingys - you know, the ;) and :p nonsense. But with this relatively new ease of communication, the act of confronting problems with coworkers and clients head on has been lost, and the eye contact that might have prevented us from saying ugly things in the past is no longer an issue. Enter the angry email (or text, Facebook post, etc.)
I love making money. But, like me, have you found that being your own boss often means not keeping normal office hours? Especially when you love what you are doing, it’s easy to find yourself working late into the night and sleeping with your iPhone on the nightstand – you know, just in case you get an important email or text. But working so late, getting up early, always having technology just an arm’s reach away – all of the above can star to affect our sleep, which can have serious effects on our health in the long run. An interesting article posted to talked about the need to get more sleep. For most of us, point number 4 probably hits close to home:
Happy new year! 2013 is now officially at the end and a new year 2014 is starting. What an exciting time of the year. We get to be with family We get to celebrate (and be hung over if we celebrate too much) But most of all we get to kind of start from scratch, just one year wiser. So what are you going to do in the year 2014? Are you going to make it a year that counts?
It’s the holiday season and it’s the end of the year How did your year go? Was it a BAD, DECENT, GOOD, or GREAT year? Was it a year that set you back financially Or was it a year that advanced you financially? Whatever it was, right now is the time to reflect on it
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