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As part of the launching of his new soon to be best-seller, Jack Bosch is making a limited number of copies of “Forever Cash” available online at no charge, and even includes Bonus items.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, September 10, 2013, In an effort to spread the word about the launching of his new book, Jack Bosch will make “Forever Cash: Break The Earn-Spend Cycle, Take Charge of Your Life; Build Everlasting Wealth” available to a limited few at No Charge. The only cost is for shipping expenses, which is a minimal amount compared to what awaits within. When people go to for this Free Book Give Away, they will be delighted to learn that there are other items included as a Bonus.
Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What Drives Me?” I wanted to share with you a video that I think could make an immediate difference in the way you live and work. In this video master motivator and peak performance authority, Anthony Robbins discusses how we can get immediate results in our lives and business.
Hi there, If you are on this page you probably are part of my Jack Bosch GOLD Program or at least part of the CD of the month Program In this month’s CD of the Month I am Sharing with you a philosophy that I have never really shared with anyone, yet that has dominated the way I look at any financial investment or business opportunity for the last 10 years.
As I was reading today's newspaper this article stood out showing how the land market is starting to make it back into the headlines and how in just the last few weeks most of the available land inventory is being bought by builders. This is an example of what is happening in Arizona but it is a reflection of all that is going on around the country. Read it now. 
It's been said, "The Quality Of Your Network Equals Your Net Worth." I've found this to be true. I’m sure in your entrepreneurial journey you’ve come across many others who would rather joke about your goals and (seemingly) like to see you fail. You're not alone in this. Often times others see your growth as a threat to their relationship with you, or to their own inadequacies. It's common, and unfortunately this leads to the failure for many otherwise very driven people who feel like they are leaving their friends behind.
This past weekend my team and I attended a business conference. Our goal was to gain new ideas and to grow. One of the keynote speakers was Guy Kawasaki. Guy is an impressive person with a very impressive resume including a stint at Apple Computers, and today is a Venture Capitalist behind many super successful start-ups. Here’s a video of Guy Kawasaki on “the Art Of The Start”… how to make MEANING over money.
Here are the 7 most common traits of the most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors:
  1. Productivity focused. It’s more than just being busy, it’s getting things done an getting results. When you approach your day look at the most important tasks that need to be completed to achieve your goals. Then eliminate things that distract you from finishing those tasks. Your attention should only be invested on what’s going to get you the highest and best use of your time. _
  2. High risk tolerance. There’s a saying… “to get what others don’t have, do what others won’t do.” Your success is directly proportionate to your comfort with taking risks. I don’t mean do things haphazardly. However, you can take safe, calculated risks that lead to substantial rewards. _
  3. Passion for innovation. Don’t just be another sheep, lead the field. In today’s market to not just survive - but to thrive -  you must adapt and set yourself apart. Whether it’s new technology, positioning your sales message, or how you interact with customers, do something different and unique.
Here’s an amazing video I had to share with you. It’s a perfect message for 2013. We’re 1/3 the way through the first month of the year. How are you on your goals so far? Let’s look at your New Years resolutions... Did you know that was a recent study showed  35% of the people who set resolutions won’t make it past January.
Happy New Year! Let me ask you something… What if you could start 2013 off more focused, more productive, and much more results driven? With the New Year here it’s time to look at your goals for the next 12 months – and make this year your best yet! There’s no time better then the present to plan your future. So where do we start?
Hey, Jack Bosch here. Let's face it. Too many people want to poke around in your private information -- including the government. What do you do about it? Well. I know someone who has the answers to that question.
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