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Last Thursday I was sitting at home almost melting. We had just come back from a month long trip to Germany (for which I still owe you a few videos) and the heat just killed us. It was freaking 116 Degrees out there!!! Can you believe that?
You have heard about SIMS (smart internet marketing solutions) For real estate investors. It's coming out tomorrow and it is killer good. It helps you...

- find deals - manage deals - sell deals

- cooks dinner for you - cleans up after you

Ok, ok perhaps not the last two features but it almost feels like it does that too. Because most of all, it frees you up to do the things you like doing most.
Jack Bosch here with the fourth installment of the video series "Where the heck has Jack been all of June 2010" I am showing you another church but also some vineyards (even Jesus turned water into wine, so wine must be a good thing)
It’s time for a new episode of “Where the heck has Jack Been all june” In this sequel I will show you an amazing church and explain to you how I can take a month vacation while having MORE Money in the bank account after I came home then when I left.
Jack Bosch here with a new sequel of my vacation report. This one is shot in the gorgeous medieval city of Ueberlingen, in Southern Germany where I am from. I even shot a special sequence along the Massive City Wall showing why it was necessary to do that back then.
Hi, This weekend is Independence Day. And what better way to celebrate it than to do your first step towards your own Financial Independence. I just celebrated mine by spending a month in Europe. I do that if possible every year and let me tell you, you come back as a different person after having spent a full month doing exactly NOTHING.
After a month of time out and being almost disconnected from my businesses, this is my first blog entry after being back. And I am going to share with you some of the beautiful impressions and lessons I learned during my vacation in Germany in this series of postings.
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