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When investing in Tax Liens you need to first STOP and think about what you want to accomplish. Too many people just run to a Tax Lien Sale intrigued by the prospect of a very high interest rate (which they will get) only to realize after they bought some good tax liens, that
I have received this question a lot from my friends in outside the US who hear about the concept of Tax Lien investing. “Can I invest in Tax liens and Tax deeds even though I am a foreign citizen and don’t live in the US.” The answer to the question is… yes. As long as an investor can get a US TAX Identification number, which can be obtained from the IRS fairly simple, even a foreign citizen not living in the US, can invest in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.
Once you purchased a few tax Delinquent properties you might be asking yourself how you can sell this property in a fast efficient and profitable way without having to become a realtor or jump through a lot of hoops.
I'd like to explain a little about where I am coming from, if I could. In 2002  I discovered this secret system of buying Land For Pennies and have since then personally have done over 3,203 deals using exactly this system and in some years doing an average of 600 property transactions. That's right. Approx. 600 property transactions in a single year using the proven techniques that I now teach. When I started out I knew Nothing, I had nothing and heck I didn't even speak the English language properly. Back in 2000 when I first started, I had absolutely Zero knowledge about Real Estate. I started out here in the U.S. with a decent education, but other than that with two suitcases, a bunch of school debt, a job offer and large dreams.
Working from home, isn’t that everyone’s dream? Getting up when you like to, Not having to fight traffic, working whenever you want, wherever you want… probably is.
I would like to tell you that creating a Steady and growing monthly cash flow of $5,000 to $40,000 is not only possible but possible within 1-2 years working from home in your spare time.
A farmer knows when the best time to plant his crops. He knows when to cultivate it, fatten and water his land. He also knows when to stop and just maintain a watchful eye in safeguarding the crops. He also knows when he will harvest. If he was a diligent farmer, he knows that he will practically reap a copious amount of produce. The lesson here is; you reap what you sow. Just as in farming it hast to start from a seedling. In Tax Delinquent Investment, this seedling is when you find a property you are looking to invest int. That is where it all comes from.
Hi this is Jack Bosch from with my newest weekly tip. In today’s investment Tip, let me share a success story of one of our very first deals AFTER we had figured out this system on how to buy properties for as little as $100.00 and sell them days later for $10,000, $20,000 and even more than that. If you ever wondered how something like that could be possible, you need to buy the online guide NOW at
Jack grew up in a small town in Germany, went to school and eventually to college and then to the USA on an exchange program. He did not want for anything growing up but there were no extras either. He came here in 1997 for the exchange program. During this time he met and married his wife. Here is his story. Jack: Soon after, I was making ok money, but working 70-hour weeks! I was the only one from my family in the USA and my wife and her family was from Honduras. With our families so far away we would spend a good amount of money to see them. I continued working my job, however in the meantime I began looking for another opportunity that would fit my criteria, which basically was that it made me lots of money and gave me lots of free time. We looked at least 20 different businesses and none fit the bill.
If you follow the investing techniques that I use daily, you will make money, lots of money! There is little to no competition in land investing, especially rural land. I have found a way to track down owners who are not paying their taxes and that are most likely to sell the land for cheap, and I use mass marketing techniques to contact them with letters websites, posters, and postcards to contact people before a property even is scheduled for a count tax lien or tax deed auction. If the owners are interested in selling they contact me back and we go from there. To learn how You can obtain these valuable contact lists, visit Doubters Many people will not get into the tax lien property investing because they make up there mind that all properties that are tax delinquent are run down or is a junk property that is not buildable. There are some junk properties out there, however if you can get a property from someone contacting you before it is scheduled to go to the auction you have enough time to do your due diligence to determine the value of the property. And if you buy this way you not only get a good property for a cheap price you also a fee and clear title, which helps you to sell the property faster and for maximum profits. My way of investing is so low risk.
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