"By following Jack's program step-by-step we were able to purchase our first property for $151 and about 2 weeks later continuing to follow Jacks program we were able to sell that same property for $3500 cash!"
"I ended up purchasing 3 properties ...just recently sold the first one and ended up making enough to pay for all 3 lots and my marketing and now I have about 30K worth of assessed property left to sell!"
"I researched the property and listed on his site (SunnyLand.com) and within 30 days I got several prospects on the property and sold the property!"
...we got $5,000 as a down payment and the reminder of $18,000 was financed... which is $308 per month in cash flow for about 7 years!
"...by far Jack Bosch offers the best real estate training that I have seen!"
Here is another great testimonial from a student named Jerry. He talks about a deal he did "within 2 days of getting [Jack's] system" and got paid $20K for it!
"In 2012 I did 7 deals, 7 more deals in 2013, 9 deals in 2014 and so far 10 deals in 2015..."
"Starting a business at the age of 72 sounds pretty dumb… but it became an necessity!... and you know what , it worked and I am totally amazed."
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