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When a property becomes delinquent, some homeowners are not aware that there are options available to them. That is the purpose why you are sending these letters to the owners of properties with delinquent taxes. In Tax Delinquent Investing, you have to learn to develop the right tone in writing correspondence so that you won’t scare the recipient when they receive it. In this case, you don’t want to freak out the delinquent property owner. The letter should be neutral and not intimidating. The letter should also be informative, telling the property owners that there are available options and that if they are interested on these options to contact you. Your source of information is the tax delinquent roll, which must not be older than three weeks, at most. Your letter may look like this:
Checking for brownfields or environmentally-critical areas is a must in filtering the list of tax delinquent properties. Filtering will direct you to the right property and prevent your from unnecessary inspection of all properties. and could well provide you the list of brownfields, but the following quicklist could guide you verify online references during property tours: Here follows are the key areas to check: