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Learn from Walmart. One reason of their boom success is buying goods at the lowest possible cost. Profit is always made when purchased, not when you sell. It is somehow trivial but it is the key. Buying is the key to any industry. Selling is only the profit realization. As to quote Warren Buffet, “Buy at below value (because) rule number 1 is never lose money; rule number 2 is do not forget rule #1.” Don’t buy until you have a margin of safety. Even if the market recessed or you are 50% wrong or off in market valuation of what you buy, you can still earn money.

Your a-list of delinquent properties is primarily sourced out from 3 rolls: tax roll, assessment roll, treasurer’s roll. This list will lead you to the next step in investing properties. You just could not move further without this. Thus, it is essential to have a good...

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