How to master 5 Tax Sale and Pre-Tax Sale Techniques in one weekend, allowing you to do highly profitable deals others don’t even know exist!!


The 5 Roads To Real Estate Wealth
Starting With No Money, No Credit, And No Prior Experience
August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2019 - Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
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From the Desk Of Jack Bosch
Sunny Phoenix, AZ

Dear Friend,

I'll get right to the point.

If you're on this page then you may know a little about me and my story...

Or how I went from broke exchange student from Germany to becoming a millionaire in record time through real estate.

That was how I started my career.

Today I continue my success operating a highly successful real estate investing business where my company continues to buy and sell properties every day - making millions in the process.

This is a real business I operate - and I have nothing to hide.

But this letter isn't about me...

What Real People Are Saying About Jack Bosch!

Let's Talk About How You Can Create A Fortune In Today's Market By Simply Copy & Pasting What I Do In My Business Today.

This message is an invitation to you.

You see, I've trained thousands of people all across North America (and around the world) to buy and sell real estate for big profits using the exact...

5 Real Estate Money Machines

That I use in my business daily.

There are 5 ways that work especially well in today's real estate market that are proven to attract steams of cash to your bank account like a magnet.

I know that sounds "hype-y" but there's no real better way to explain how effective and simple these 5 methods are.

It doesn't matter where you are now, how much money you have currently, what your credit looks like, what you do for work, or if you have any experience...


My methods just plain work.

Look at the wall of proof down the right hand side of this page.

But don't take my word for it... and don't take theirs.

I want to PROVE to you that I can help guide you to creating your own fortune...

And If I Fail... I'll Pay You!

Here's what's this is all about.

I'm holding a 3-day event.

It's Called...


It's just me...
not a carnival of speakers pitching their wares.

And I'll take you by the hand and walk you through 5 of my proven methods for investing in real estate the simple way.

I say simple - because these strategies really are.

Once you know the secrets.

(I'll get into that in a moment.)

Act Now, 70% Off Admission. Limited Seating


During these 3-days you'll have all the resources, training, support, knowledge and tools at your disposal to walk way and start making real money in real estate.

That's my promise to you. Click here to register!

And if I don't deliver on the promise - you can call me out on it and I'll pay you - no questions asked!

(I'll tell you more about that, too - just stick with me.)


Who Is This Event For?

You see... money doesn't buy happiness...

But money does make things a lot easier.
Register Here!

And I'm going to share with you...

5 Ways I use right now to create a lot of money without stress or frustration... so you can enjoy the life and lifestyle you truly want and deserve!

Let me go into exactly what you'll learn...

Again, I focus on 5 methods for earning large sums of money
and monthly cash flow for creating lasting wealth.

Method #1:

You'll discover how you can buy properties for pennies on the dollar - literally as little as $50 - and quickly turn them around and sell for THOUSANDS in profit!

Method #2:

You'll discover how you can leverage a government loophole that lets you practically steal (ethically) real estate and have the local county sell it for you... and YOU collect the profits!

Method #3:

You'll discover how you can take control of real estate with little to no personal risk and sell it - often WITHIN 5-7 DAYS for tens of thousands in profit!

Method #4:

You'll discover how you can leverage local tax laws of any county in the country to pick up properties with super high equity for next to nothing. In fact, properties owners next-to give you properties with zero resistance. You can then sell these properties for upfront cash, or use a strategy (that I love) that lets you earn monthly cash flow without ever dealing with the headaches or worries of property repairs, maintenance - you just collect checks!

Method #5:

Now, this really isn't a method - more of a way expanding your wealth. But you'll hear my "Forever Cash" philosophies (straight from my best selling book) that let you leverage the money you earn using the methods above - to let you retire rich in 3 to 5 years from today - no matter where you begin.

You can use any or all of what I share with you at this event...
and walk away from the 3 days armed with the "how to and what to do next."

You'll be surprised at just how simple all this is.

But it's simple, because I've done all the hard work and trial and error putting everything into a proven process and system for you to take, copy, and paste into your life!

Want to get, 70% off the cost of admission?


YES, You CAN Do This!
And It Works Right Now!

When you register now and attend Jack Bosch Live you'll not only learn the "how to" you'll get the support to truly understand the how it all works and comes together.

You'll get the resources, tools, support, and connections for you to take the proven strategies that work right now and use them to your advantage. Register your seat now!

Here's more of what we'll cover...


You'll join me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday up-close and personal.

Again, no other speakers or distractions - just me sharing what I do right now that works!

It's my mission to give you the most value, education, knowledge, and...

A Real Life Blueprint To Take Action And Profit Right Now!

All-in-all, we'll build a metal suit of ARMOR around you and your financial future so you can feel secure, protected, and enjoy the finer things in life without worry.

You'll learn exactly what I do, no tricks, no smoke or mirrors, no-holds-barred.

I'm an open book to you...

But you have to join me.

So I know what you're thinking...

How Much?

Simple question, right?

Listen... it's not uncommon to make $5,000, $10,000,
even $20,000 from a simple transaction when you follow my strategies.

So what would the 3 days be worth to you?

Easily at least $5,000 - after all - that could be the minimum you make.

Let's say you made an extra $5,000 a YEAR from a single deal for the next 5 years...

That's $25,000.

What about a deal a month? (it's totally possible.)

That's $60,000 a year!


This event is NOT $60,000...

Or $25,000....

Or event $5,000.

But believe me, it's worth every penny.

Your investment today
is only $997 $297.


That for you and a guest... for all 3-days.

Could you make $997 from one real estate transaction - it's totally possible you can do this!

But it gets even better.
For THIS TIME ONLY, and only for the next few days I am additionally reducing the price of admission to just $297 for ONE ticket.

That is an additional 70% quick action
discount over retail.


Because I believe in you!

But I know I have to earn your trust...

So I'm going to add one more piece to it and flip the page...

Attend All 3-Days And If You Don't Feel This Event Is Worth The Investment -

I'll Pay You 100% Of Your Money Back, No Questions Asked!

That's Right - I'll pay you to put me to the test!

There's NOTHING to lose here.

But everything to gain...


That's what I've been able to do...

That's what my students are doing every day.

Won't you join us?

Here's How You Register...

To Take Action Now go ahead and click the big orange button on this page.

It'll take you to a secure reservation form to reserve your seat.

But that's not all...

When you register now you'll get the 70% discount for taking action immediately!

You'll be able to save 70% right now...

Go ahead and click here to take action.

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  • Event Name: Jack Bosch Live - Dallas Fort Worth August 2019
  • Event Dates: August 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2019
  • Where: Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

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  • Special 30-minute Q&A Session

Before I you make your decision to join me now... I want you to think...

Where else would you have the opportunity to have a millionaire investor give you his exact formula of how he actively makes money right now.

This is a rare opportunity.

Do you want to pass this up?

Click here and reserve your seat now.

To your success,

Jack Bosch

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