Opportunity and Seed Money

Opportunity and Seed Money

Do you want to be an investor?


Do you have seed money (capital) to start investing?

No need to fret – let me share some ideas for getting started.

One way of making seed money is by being a problem solver. I always say that Opportunity is found at the intersection of Problems and Attention. In other words, those who are attentive the the pain of others and who are quick to respond are the ones who make money.

Think about it – nearly everything you own or do is to solve a problem.

  • Do you own a hammer? It's because you had the problem of needing to drive a nail into a wall.
  • Do you visit a barber? It's because you had the problem of having long hair.
  • Do you go the the grocery store? It's because you had the problem of being hungry.

See where I'm going with this?

Be attentive to the problems that people have and be the first to find a solution. From something as simple as installing someone's home theater to providing real estate to those looking to buy.

Solve problems. Make money. Move forward.

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