Pay IT Forward – The Rule That Brings The Gold

Pay IT Forward – The Rule That Brings The Gold

When you are an expert in your field of business and have a lot of different techniques that made you millions of dollars, most likely you will keep these techniques to yourself. You don’t want to create competition.  Most people in this business will have their own success stories on land dealings and most of the time they have applied their methods on each of their transactions before closing the deal.  It takes a lot of time, research, effort and even errors before these experts have mastered their style.  Most of them have taken years to really master their own craft.  So teaching their methods is considered a “no-no” for others because for them this is their secret and tricks of the trade. These are the hidden treasures of their fortune.


Then there are people who think the complete opposite.  This type of expert is not only a dying breed but is also a hidden treasure in itself.  They are so secure of their expertise in the field already that they are not threatened by most and they even promote cultivation of new talent.  They want to pass on their techniques to willing participants. Instead of thinking of their protégés as competition, they see them as alliance partners.  They see a collective effort can build more and achieve more.  It is like creating a community of Tax Delinquent Investors, where passing of critical information and client references are the main agenda.  So Instead of creating a competition, instead you helped others who can actually help you in the future. 


So if this is who you want to be, you might ask: “How do you impart your methods to willing participants?”. It’s easier than you think.  You can conduct seminars and workshops or tele-seminars or tele-workshops.  Both are actually the same except that the convention type seminars are location based where the participants goes to hear you speak.  The tele-workshops or tele-seminars are conducted using the phone in a conference or one-on-one call where the speaker is on the other end of the line and the participants on the other end.  The calls are live, meaning, the participants are not listening to a previously recorded audio but will hear it live from the experts talking and answering questions first hand.


Now, when you find an expert in the Tax Delinquent Investment business who is willing to teach the tools, tricks and secrets of the trade, take advantage of it and learn from the masters. And keep in mind that by learning what has worked for other can minimize the errors that you could make. You will be able to practice sooner and make money faster. Now, when the time comes that you are in the position of “master” or “expert”, pay it forward. This golden rule might just be what brings you the gold, eventually.

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