Staying balanced… with your family

Staying balanced… with your family

I want you to be successful.

I want you to make boatloads of money and to have the luxuries you dream of.

But I also want you to be balanced as you get more success and make more money.

All too often, people who reach goals lose sight of the more important things in life and their priorities get all wacky. That’s the last thing that I want to see happen to you.

That’s why all this week I will be sharing tips for keeping balance in your life – for making sure that you still dedicate time to the people and activities that deserve it. Making lots of money is great, but it is just one part of having a happy life. Today, I’ll begin with a topic very close to my heart: keeping balance with your family.

Work is great.

Personally, I love what I do. But I have even more love for my beautiful wife Michelle and my darling daughter Sophia. I would never want to unintentionally sacrifice my relationship with them for the sale of making more money at work.

So how do I keep balance in my life?

Long ago, I decided that spending time with my family would be a priority, but I knew that if I didn’t schedule it in to my weekly activities then it could easily get lost in the shuffle. So I decided that Thursday afternoons and every weekend would be set aside for my family.

No exceptions.

You see, I had to decide what was important to me and then make sure that those priorities were reflected in how I sent my time. How could I say that I liked spending time with my family if I wasn’t actually doing so?

What about you? Have you blocked off certain days and times to be with your loved ones? It sounds like a nice idea, but how many of us actually take the time to do so?

Being successful isn’t only measured by the size of your bank account – it’s also about the quality of the life that you enjoy.

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