The Jack Pack

The Jack Pack

Become a millionaire with Jack Bosch. Jack will teach you the 26 ways of selling properties. Jack’s training is affordable yet full service that will facilitate your multi-fold profit. Jack’s course are cheap, given my rich experience of effective selling properties. It is full because you get everything what I use in selling properties.

The services are as follow:

  • 6-weeks tele-workshop;
  • 3-4 hours per week mentoring;
  • Q&A sessions;
  • Personal and direct email replies;
  • Documents like sales agreements, offer inserts, etc;
  • Free 6-month direct email access;
  • Call Software


The 6 weeks tele-workshop will walk you through the basics and advance knowledge on buying and selling real properties, identifying, listing and filtering, land valuation, making an offer, etc. The tele-workshop, powered by the call software, which also is free, is 3-4 hours per week mentoring. Often, I spend 1-3 hours of comprehensive teaching, which basically translates optimum learning at a cheap rate. The remaining hour is spent in Q&A session. I am however not too strict on time. I can extend my time when Q&A session is rich of content and essential.


Aside from the personal tele-workshop, I am offering a free email access for 6 months if you miss to raise some questions during the Q&A session. You get direct email replies from me because I personally answer all your inquiries. It may take days, not weeks, though, you are guaranteed for substantial replies. Sales agreement, offer inserts, letters and other related documents that I often use are free sample documents for your reference.


What I share is entirely my strategies in earning millions. You will not miss anything from the service I am giving. It is ultimately a Jack Pack.  You saved your money and time more to learn my selling process because you learn at home and at your own time. Such then, you appropriate your resources efficiently. Nothing is wasted and investment is already in rolling even when you still are learning.


Jack Pack is a jackpot. So, grab them now.

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