What I expect from you

What I expect from you

Last week, I invited my Facebook and Twitter followers to take a survey talking about their success, and I would like to thank everyone who responded.

Part of the results surprised me – 75% were only somewhat satisfied with the results that they have achieved and 25% had not achieved the success they had hoped for. In fact, some of those folks even blamed me for not having greater success.

I understand the frustration of not reaching your goals. I have been there. I remember how much I hated being stuck in my job, and spending hours researching a new way of making money each night after work. All I wanted to do was to change my situation, but it took some time and a lot of effort.

Here on my blog and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I try to share what has worked for me. And the programs I have designed take you step by step through the same processes that I have used (and still use) to make money from real estate.

But the results depend on you. I think we can all agree that each person is responsible for their own actions, right? And while past performance is not guarantee of future performance, the many people who have had success with my programs and the many testimonials that I have posted show that what we are doing here can work.

So what do I expect from you? I expect you to try. Put the principles I teach into practice and follow the steps exactly as I have prepared them. Listen to the Q&A calls I conduct each month to fine tune your methods, and don’t give up at the first hint of a setback or if the journey seems to be taking too long. Some folks get results right away, some have to keep at it a little longer – but the effort is always well worth it.

So if you haven’t yet seen the success you hoped for, I truly am sorry. But please know that the methods work. Keep at them and be willing to adjust your sails as each new wind blows.

I want you to be successful. I want you to win.

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