Why I’m not a huge fan of stocks…

Why I’m not a huge fan of stocks…

While I have spoken about stocks a few times on this blog and on my other blog over at www.forevercash.com, you may notice that I don’t recommend investing in the stock market as the best way to get financially free or independent. While there are some exceptions (like dividend stocks) overall I think your money is better spent in real estate, small and online businesses, and whatever else fits the criteria I mention in chapter 13 of my book Forever Cash titled “Good Investments vs. Bad Investments.”


The stock market does not give you control over your own money, but forces you to hand the reigns of your investment over to 1) financial advisors, and 2) the fickle economy.

More than that, investing in stocks (for many people) is a game of musical chairs, constantly watching stock charts and trying to guess the right time to jump in or jump out. It consumes them, forces them to spend time in front of a computer instead of with their families, and does not guarantee any results.

I don’t want that for you. I think that there is a superior path.

So while investing in the stock market is alright for some folks, I think that you can do better.

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