Why medieval cities in Germany had Walls…

Why medieval cities in Germany had Walls…

Jack Bosch here with a new sequel of my vacation report.

This one is shot in the gorgeous medieval city of Ueberlingen,
in Southern Germany where I am from.
I even shot a special sequence along the Massive City Wall
showing why it was necessary to do that back then.

Plus the video also shows some of the 1000 year old houses
in the center of the city

More to follow in the next few days.


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  • Hiltrud
    Posted at 10:19h, 06 July

    Jack, I know you are in the aland business, in Arizona. I am here in Houston, and our laws are different and Land prices are high. If someone get rid of there land, the Texas sstate will take it over and auction it off to the highest bidder. Even if you pay the arear taxes, you won’t get the land.

    I am from Gernamy myself from Eichstaett/ Bayern and i want to get back to visit my sister that I have not seen for 7 years. Besides I am up in age and I should go if only I had the money.
    I wanted to purchase your course 2 years ago, but to put food on the table is more important than buying Education not knowing how it works out.

    Anyway, I am glad you had a good time in Germany with your Parents and own family. Regards, Hiltrud

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