Why Wait? Sure Signs that Scream “Take My Tax Delinquent Property, It’s Yours”.

Why Wait? Sure Signs that Scream “Take My Tax Delinquent Property, It’s Yours”.

Tax delinquent properties usually takes at least a couple of years to even reach a county auction, and by that time the properties taxes and fees have piled up and it may be more burden that what it is worth. The vicious cycle just gets worse. It makes Tax delinquent investing insane, but it really is not. In fact, it is a brilliant investment. You just have to learn how to find owners that are fed up with their properties and willing to let it go, in exchange for lifting their burden of ownership and some change. This way you will be able to know about the availability of the properties, NOW, and be able to approach the owner to make an offer. All before the information becomes available to the public and you have to deal with competition.

So what are the signs you have to watch out for? There are many reasons why people fail to pay their property taxes, and more too often, it is not accidental. Here are some signs to watch out for:

Out of State Owner – This is the number one reason why people let their property go for taxes because the further away you are, the more of a hassle I it is to actually manage a property and sell it.

Inherited Real Estate – Heirs usually have no interest in inherited property and feel no emotional attachment with the property, especially if they live out of state. They would much prefer o sell it and get their portion of the share than to maintain and manage the property. They decide to let the property go.

Divorce – They don’t want to be reminded of their ex-spouses or they just want to make a quick cash sale, they are just willing to let I the property go for taxes.

Life Plan Changes – Work, career, family, business or other personal reasons have caused the owners to move away with plans to come back after retirement or keep the property as a vacation spot but plans change and they could have found a better spot so they are now willing to let the property go.

False Speculation – They bought it thinking that a huge development was going to happen but never materialized, so they let the property go.

Remember, when owners decide that they no longer want the property and have given up on it, chances are they will be letting it go for taxes. That is a “Go” signal for you to move in and make an offer. They will gladly take you up for it, since you are offering them cash and when there alterative is to just let it go to the county. Now, they end up with some money in their pocket instead of a lien on their property or even worst nothing at all.

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