Wise words from Robert Kiyosaki

Wise words from Robert Kiyosaki

A few years back, Robert Kiyosaki published a follow up book to his hit Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In his book Cashflow Quadrant, he mentioned the different ways that people earn money and how their own personalities and fears limit some folks from advancing financially.

One part that I really liked talked about the difference between a product and a system. The conversation that Robert has with some of his students goes like this:

“Can you personally make a better hamburger than McDonald’s?”

So far, 100 percent of the people I’ve talked with about their new idea or product have said yes. They can all prepare, cook, and serve a better quality hamburger than McDonald’s.

Next I ask them, “Can you personally build a better business system than McDonald’s?”

And that’s the difference. McDonald’s is a giant multi-national corporation because they have a system where after a few hours of training new employees can be plugged in and the product keeps coming out without missing a beat.

Whether you are selling eBooks or real estate, focus on building a system that can make money for you whether or not you are physically present.

That is the key.


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