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Jack Bosch

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

I've got good news and bad news: It's a buyer's market.

For real estate investors it's a "catch 22" of sorts and it's tough to make heads or tails of what's going on in this troubled economy.

Let me explain...

Right now real estate is dirt-cheap. It's easier than ever to get your hands on houses or land for pennies on the dollar (or even free.)

You know as well as I do banks are practically giving properties away. You can throw a rock and hit a good deal - it's just that easy!

We're experiencing first-hand a buyer's paradise, BUT...

Therein Lies The Problem...

It's NOT hard to find bargains because banks are overloaded with foreclosed properties and motivated sellers are begging to give their homes away.

Adding to the fire, lenders are in shock and the economy is still in a very fragile state.

Mortgage companies aren't as "generous" as they once were and things have gotten really tough to get money to buy, especially for investors.

The rules of the game are changing and if you want to survive and thrive as successful real estate investor in today's market you need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Not only do you need to find bargains you need to sell these deals quick. Unfortunately, it's a big mess out there and...

The Old "Tricks" To Selling Properties
No Longer Work...

We all wish we could go back to the good days (even just 5 years ago), when it was easy to sell real estate.

Just list your real estate on the market, maybe place a classified ad, and you're all set.

Lines of credit were plentiful, prices were soaring and buyers (both investors and retail buyers) were lining up for miles to get their hands on any deal they could.

It was good to be real estate investor because...

Selling Was The Least Of Your Worries...

That's not the case anymore, at least for most. Even many seasoned investors unable to sell their properties in this market have called it quits for the time being.

And while it's never been easier to get your hands on cheap deals, for a new investor it's much scarier to get started in real estate. Imagine getting involved in a property and despite everything you try you just can't sell it.

In today's market you can't rely on the old tricks...

But There Is Another Way!

Savvy investors know how to make the most out of ANY market and that's exactly what I've done.

In THIS MARKET I've been able to sell as many as 35 properties in ONE month.

Heck I even sold 12 properties from TWO emails - just a few clicks of the mouse.

And I'm able to profit BIG from every deal I do!

The best part is that I did this all "part-time" with systems that sell these properties on auto-pilot allowing me to spend the rest of my day however I want, with whoever I want. (most especially with my young daughter and my wonderful wife!)

Isn't that one of the reasons you got into real estate investing in the first place - to have total control of your time and money?

YES, You CAN Sell Real Estate and Make Money
(A Lot Of Money) In This Market...

And it doesn't take a lot of effort or skill you just need to know the system.

Here's the truth:


I can say this full confidence from first-hand experience. You just have to know how to find them.

As a result of this "bad economy" I created systems to use in my own investing business letting me adapt and PROFIT while other real estate investors stand around scratching their heads completely bewildered of what to do next.

The best way to survive and THRIVE in this "crappy" market isn't chasing killer deals. Bargains are everywhere - that's the easy part.

Successful investors know RIGHT NOW buyers are the most important piece of the real estate profit puzzle.

Wouldn't you like to have dozens, even hundreds of highly-qualified buyers waving money at you fighting over every deal you do?

If you're currently sitting on houses or land you can't sell imagine what that would do for your business and your life. Just think of all the stress and sleepless nights you could put behind you and finally enjoy a healthy income and leisurely lifestyle.

And if you are new to real estate investing just think of the goldmine in front of you. Thanks to today's market the buying and selling sides of the transaction are practically done for you. What else is there than to enjoy your profits?

The good news is there ARE buyers looking for exactly what YOU have to offer armed with the funds and resources to close deals. They are actively buying - and buying a lot.

Some are fellow investors searching for a steady supply of good deals from a trustworthy source. Others are searching for a bargain on their personal home or property and want you to be their guide into the market. Your primary goal is to...

Find As Many Of These Quality Buyers
As Fast As Possible, And Present Them
With Offers They Can't Refuse!

You just have to know where to find them and give them exactly what they're looking for.

The SECRET to selling properties is getting in front of buyers who WANT and are ABLE to buy!

Not only that but develop a LIST of these buyers and sell to them over and over again.

That's the key to making real money in today's real estate market. I've developed a system that does exactly that.

So let me ask you...

Wouldn"t you like to just HAVE my
very same proven system so you don't have to spend
hours figuring all this stuff out on your own (like I did)
and just "plug-and-play" your way to quickly and easily
selling all your deals to hungry, highly-qualified,
money-waving buyers?

That's why I've decided to finally release my...

Mass of Buyers - Jack Bosch

Masses of Buyers System

This online training system is designed to give you a complete proven blueprint to finding high-quality buyers, targeted and ready to JUMP on every deal you do.

In this program I take you by the hand and walk you through each detailed step of my proven buyer getting process.

Over the next three weeks you will be going through 6 classes with me personally LIVE. And of course you will afterwards have forever access to all aproximatly 9 hours of, easy to follow, training so you can watch and rewatch it and take notes and impliment it at your leisure.

There are dozens of online and offline methods I reveal in this system that work today including...

...I really really liked your program. This definitely was hands on the best program that I have ever seen from you. Gives a lot of clarity on where to find the buyers and how to build buyers lists and just everything. Gives you all the tools that you need to be a success with buying and selling land.

- Gene Yoder

In the Masses of Buyer System I deconstruct the very same methods I use to find hot buyers, build massive buyers lists, sell several properties a week hands-off, and PROFIT BIG on each and everyone.

You can jump right in to each module and start using these tactics right away to selling properties at record speeds and apply the new strategies as you go through the program.

Here's a closer look at the SIX modules that act as the foundation of this program...

Module 1: The Principals of Finding Buyers

Module 2: Attracting Buyers Offline, Using Auctions, And Free Websites

Module 3: List Building and the Online/ Offline Connection

Module 4: Online/Offline Events, Videos, and Online Advertising

At this point I should tell you I originally planned to do a four-module training but there was just so much I had to share with you I decided to do two extra coaching modules.

And while I squeezed as much as I could into the first four training videos, these last two are every bit as important and could mean big profits to your business. Remember, more buyers = more sales!

Module 5: A closer look at Social Networking and Creating an Irresistible Offer

Module 6: eBay/Craigslist/Article marketing and Making It All Work Together.

But know this...

Everything I just listed above barely scratches the surface of the knowledge and skills you'll gain from the Masses Of Buyers Online Training System.

...I think you pointed out some really good things about how to make sure you go out and market well to your customers. I think it is useful not only just for land but good for a lot of the programs that we meet with.

Just want to thank you, say great job and look forward to working with you and working on more land going forward.

- John Reynolds

...So I put it on the market on Craig's List for $7900 bucks and within less than 2 weeks I got all kinds of calls. And one of those calls just happened to be somebody who they called and then they just hung up, they never left a voicemail or anything. So I ended up calling this person back, I wasn't even going to bother because I figured they would just leave a voicemail but they didn't.

So I decided to call them back and it just happen to be somebody, they were from a different state all together, they had never seen the property, they didn't even really want to. They were just willing to send me, flat out a cashier's check for seven grand. It was as simple as that, they did it and I got the money and within less than 2 weeks I sold it. That is an incredible process for $150 bucks turn that into $7000 dollars and it was a great deal. It wouldn't have happen if I hadn't called back this mysterious caller and made it happen.

First of all I just want to say thanks Jack; you've got an awesome system. It's done wonders for me. I hope it continues to do that I'm sure. Just wanted to share that little story and let you know how that happens. Thanks again, I wish you the best.

- Seth, Grand Rapids, MI

This program fills the gap where other real estate investing related courses, trainings, seminars and boot camps ignore completely - how to find buyers quickly and easily in TODAY'S market.

It may seem like a lot to go through but I assure you it's a simple approach that anyone can take and use in their business to bring in floods of buyers and sell properties at rapid speeds for higher profits.

You can even take this course and have a staff member, employee even a virtual assistant go through the easy to follow systems I've created and have them implement these strategies for you.

That's what I've done and now I've freed up my time...

Making A Whole Lot More,
While Doing A Whole Lot Less!

It's amazing how your business (and your income) can change when you put things on autopilot and with this system you'll have thousands of buyers looking for you automatically.

Imagine creating a tidal wave of profit, success and abundance by selling high-profit (and easy to find) deals to sellers waving money in front of your begging to buy.

With that said...

What Would A System Like This Be Worth To Your Business?

I've personally invested tens upon tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours attending seminars, personally working with marketing experts and gurus, testing these strategies and making sure they work.


Because I knew that selling properties was KEY to not only surviving in this market, but thriving. I knew I needed buyers and HAD to find A LOT of them FAST for my real estate investing business to work in this economy.

It didn't matter how many great deals I could get my hands on, if I didn't sell I didn't profit. And in business that's all that matters.

So what would selling one deal do for you? Say it's a wholesale deal where you quick turn a property to another investor - on average it would be $5,000 at the very least.

What if you could do several deals just like that in one month?

(Remember earlier, I told you I did that in ONE EMAIL!)

At the very least this program would be worth $5,000 at a minimum in today's market.

But I know with the economy the way it is real estate investors are hurting and really need the information I share in this program.

So with that in mind I've decided to price this system at an investment any serious investor could easily afford as a market test.

That said you can get INSTANT access to the entire Masses Of Buyers Program for the one-time low investment of only $997 $397.00

Honestly I can't do this forever because I don't want just anyone knowing my hard-won strategies for quickly selling properties in this market (and in any market) so chances are the next time you visit this page the price will be dramatically higher.

You see, because of the time I invested in developed the system and in the creation of the videos I originally thought to price this program much higher at $997 - and that still would be very reasonable investment for what I share with you. And I still may decided to raise your investment price of this program any day.

But if you act right now you get it for a fraction of that price - just $997 $397.

Yes, Jack! I want Masses of Buyers!

And I'm not going to let you let me off that easy.

For accepting my offer in addition to the Massed of Buyers System I'll also include 3 KILLER bonuses to help you sell more real estate in less time for MORE money.

These bonuses are my FREE gift to you for taking me up on my offer today and are a total value worth over $14,000!

BONUS #1 - Exclusive Success Mindset DVD

This is a live presentation I recently recorded on the Top 12 Success Principals that have helped me reach the success I enjoy and have taken me from a German immigrant with two suit cases and a load of student debt to a real estate millionaire.

These are Everlasting Principles who have worked 1000 years ago, 100 years ago, and which work today as well as will work in the future.

I normally charge $97 for this DVD but it's my gift for you today for taking action now.

BONUS #2 - Access To My Over 21,791 Land Buyers List

This is GOLD! I built up this database of Land buyers over the years and present them with new properties on a weekly basis. I will allow you to have your properties featured on my weekly email notifications to this list.

I've done MILLIONS of dollars in business as a result of this list and it's truly priceless.

But if I did have to put a price on access to putting your deals on this list I would say a conservative $9,997. But as a "MOBs" member you'll have access to get your deals in front of these prime buyers as my gift.


BONUS #3 - Two Tickets to my 3-day LIVE Training Event

You will recieve not one, but TWO tickets to my 3 day teaching seminar which usually sells for $1,997 each.

I've only held this event once before and like last time, I plan on over-delivering. This won't be a pitch fest like so many other seminars out there, just pure wealth building content straight from me and my team complete with detailed insights of what I do in my business every day.

That's over $14,000 In Value adding Bonuses Yours Free For Acting Today!

Order Now, To Receive These Bonuses!

And I stand by this training so much I even offer a...

The Masses of Buyers Guarantee

Order Today, and Try this Program Risk FREE!

Please understand, this level of detailed step-by-step buyer's list building education can't be found anywhere else.

Think about this for a second; really consider what this could do for your business...

If you're wondering who to sell your properties to is the biggest thing holding you back from success... break through the barriers and finally achieve the success in real estate you've been waiting for...

YES JACK! I want to Sell my Deals as Fast as I can Find Them!

I understand that for a limited time only, I can get INSTANT access to the Masses Of Buyers System for only $997 $397.

Once I claim my spot in this program I instantly get my secure username and password that I can log in immediately to start implementing our buyer getting strategies right away - even if it's 2:00 in the morning.

I understand that I get a 100% money back guarantee. I can review the entire program and if in 30-days I'm not completely satisfied for any reason I can just contact your office and I'll get my full investment refunded no questions asked.

I also understand that this price may go up at anytime in the near future and am securing my place in your program for the current low investment.

I'm ready for Masses of Buyers to buy all my deals:

Masses of Buyers Training Program - Accepts All Major Credit Cards