2014 Forever Cash and Real Estate Investment outlook

2014 Forever Cash and Real Estate Investment outlook

Happy new year!

2013 is now officially at the end and a new year 2014 is starting.

What an exciting time of the year.

We get to be with family
We get to celebrate (and be hung over if we celebrate too much)

But most of all we get to kind of start from scratch, just one year wiser.

So what are you going to do in the year 2014?
Are you going to make it a year that counts?

If yes then I would suggest you do more than just
have a new year's resolution

A new year's resolution is often not more than a vague wish.
“this year I want to lose weight”

So what if you lose ½ pound.
Did you achieve your goal?

Probably not but it's like someone saying
“I want to make more money”

If you give him/her a dollar, did he/she not just accomplish that goal?
Technically yes, but … I know you get my point

Goals need to be…

  • Specific (making $300,000 in cash profits this year)
  • Reasonable (no reaching the moon is not reasonable, you need years of astronaut training plus you depend on the government wanting to do another moon mission – which they already said they won't )

And then you need to develop a plan to get there.
Otherwise it's just a wish.

So think about what you need to do…

  • Each month
  • Each Week

and even…

  • Each day in 2014

To get closer to that goal

If you decide to flip land like I do at www.LandProfitGenerator.com

Perhaps that means…

  • Getting the education in month 1 of the year
  • Then sending out 400 letters a month
  • Which means 100 letters a week
  • Making 15 offers a week
  • And then as a result of it getting a deal a week making you on average let's say $5,000 to $10,000
  • This times 52 weeks = $260,000 to $500,000…
  • Meaning you are on a straight path to making the desired $300,000 this year.

So during that year if you miss a mailing one week because you went
on a vacation, it's no big deal, all you need to do is catch up and send 200 letters

The next week.

But at least you know what it takes to reach $300,000 a year.

If you do the weekly steps it takes you might just get there, if you don't you most likely won't.

Planning is that simple.
But without an action plan it all won't be any good.

So how do you all translate that into a daily plan.
The key here is that you have to work it into your lifestyle.

If it goes totally against the way you live your life, chances are
things will not stick and you will stop doing what it takes.

Isn't that what happens with diets?

If your lifestyle is that of a person who travels for a living
and spends weekdays on the road, eating healthy is a challenge.

Most restaurants cook with pure butter and the portions are huge.

So losing weight while traveling is hard because the world is set up against you.

The same is true with making money.

The good news is that in my investment methods you actually
might not need to do something every day.

One of my best friends, Vince, who was my first student ever
Mastered this daily plan very nicely.

All he ever did was work my program Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.
See he was traveling for business Monday through Thursday afternoon.
So usually he didn’t have any plans with friends on Thursday night.
So that evening became his land flipping evening and he spend 1-2 hours on it.

And he usually never had plans outside the house on Saturday morning.
So Saturday morning he dedicated also to the business and worked another 2-3 hours on it

So he effectively built his business around his schedule and that is what made it
sustainable for him.

And as a result of it he did 19 deals in 15 months making him $400,000 in
equity and profits from these deals.

Not too bad for just a few hours a week.

With that I hope you got some motivation to take your New Years resolution
and make them have teeth by having an implementation plan hat works
WITH your lifestyle not against it .

Happy New Year!

Jack and Michelle Bosch


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  • Al from Hawaii
    Posted at 10:30h, 01 January

    Thank you. I needed that to remind myself that it can be done even with my busy schedule.

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