A simple guide for tour planning with tax delinquent properties

A simple guide for tour planning with tax delinquent properties

When you plan to invest on property, you have to make sure what you are investing on is worthwhile. Don't just invest because it's a tax delinquent property and it's cheap. Know if you are really maximizing your potential to make money in tax delinquent investing by scoping the market and getting all the location details of the properties that could be up for auction. After getting the addresses of the properties, which you already categorized, scrutinized and decided upon in a certain county. The next thing that you should do is do a tour plan on the county.

You will need a map, which you can buy in a grocery store, a pen, a notepad, a good camera and a car of course to make it fast paced. Having pinpointed the properties that you are interested in by knowing all their addresses mark each property on one map. When you are finished marking, you can take one look at it and it will be clear which route you need to drive so that you will not be going on around the areas twice. Wasting time is always a bad habit.

When driving through the properties make sure that you jot down the exact geographical location and special notes you remember from each property. This will help you in the marketing of the property later on. With your camera on hand take a digital picture of what you had just written in the notepad (which is the house number), because this will help you not to get confused over things. Come to think of it, you will be looking at 15 to 20 lots; you cannot just trust your memory to remember all the details. From experience, even when I have a picture of a property at hand, without my notes visible in the photo, I could not remember that one special detail I saw when I was right in front of it. I’ve forgotten some details, even if it was only hours ago that I saw the land in the photo. Now, I have a bunch of photos of properties I found interesting but could not tell you what I found interesting about them by just looking at the photo.

What I now do is I take a notepad and I label each property by numbers, like “Property 1”. Then I go on to take a picture of property one. I take pictures of everything I want to take a picture of in that area and then I sit down and take notes. On the notes I make sure that the number 1 is apparent. I make a note that this property is flat, street like this, road access, it has a nice mobile home on it, or a nice house, the house has green roof, etcetera. Then when I download my digital pictures I know that all the pictures behind the number one that I took a picture of belong to the sheet where I put the number one in. Now I can match them up and get a good reminder when I need to make my final decision on which properties I want to buy.

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