In the past I have discussed different forms of letters that I use to communicate to a possible property seller. Short letters have always worked so well for me. I would like to sum it all up and give you a more comprehensive approach about how this short letter can work to your advantage or disadvantage. You just need to be more critical when formulating a short letter to not defeat its purpose. You need to be good in selecting the most appropriate words to express what you really want to communicate. Try to use simple yet powerful words in constructing your messages. You don’t need to be flowery or use highly intricate words that will just make the tax delinquent property owner confused. A short letter is direct and never confusing to both parties. It is your medium of communication to a tax delinquent property owner. It’s almost like writing a love letter in middle school. I made my love letter direct to the point so I would not be misunderstood in my intentions. The key is to be as specific as possible with what I intend to do and be at my best sincerity to show that I am really being serious. That is how we should put together our short letters to tax delinquent property owners.

A short letter’s advantages are way more remarkable than the other 2 types of letters I have mentioned in the past. It has a higher response rate since, it is not too complicated for people to comprehend. It is simple. It just directly speaks your interest and chances are it will prompt the seller to contact you at the soonest possible time. Another advantage is that you get your chance and opportunity to interact with the seller. There is a tendency that you have the chance to read each other, sense each other and just get to know each other through an appointment or phone call. You tend to use your time efficiently and do not want won't be bothering the seller. Another good thing when using this kind of letter is your opportunity to establish rapport with the seller. Another great advantage is a short letter usually results to getting a more detailed response about detailed information regarding the property you are interested in, especially after a professional relationship has sprung. A disadvantage of a short letter is that you might be increasing your chances in wasting time and energy answering phone calls.

In totality, when you’ve already established good rapport and developed a trusting relationship with a property owner, your Tax Delinquent Investment business will sky-rocket. Whether you decide to use a shorter letter or not, the key thing is, it is universal that we only buy stuff from people we like or trust and we only enter into transactions that we understand. Expressing our interest and intent by means of communication is vital to the outcome. Use a letter that can communicate your own intentions with honesty and sincerity and you will surely have an edge over the other investors.

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