Try to imagine yourself on Christmas Eve. You are by the fireplace surrounded by your family and friends. Everyone is singing Christmas carols and just enjoying each other’s company. The room is filled with the scent of pine while the ambience is conducive with the season’s greetings of love and family. You then gazed your sight towards the bunch of gifts under the tree. All of them are so inviting and pleasant to look at. The dainty bows, the glossy special wrapper they used, the clean folds – all of these contributed to your enthusiasm. As icing on your cake, you receive a gift that is so beautifully packaged. You realize then how much time and effort it took to wrap the present. You start to think that even the effort itself was a labour of love and can be thought of as a gift in itself.

In Tax Delinquent Investment, our letters are like gifts. For people with tax delinquencies, to receive a letter that expresses interest in taking their burden away is like Christmas, sometimes better. We should realize and know by heart now that it’s all about the packaging. How will they know that the gift is inside or embedded in that letter?

In my years of experience, I have come to formulate a standard that is ideal to use in your tax delinquent investment letters. We have to always pay attention to the details. The message must clearly state your purpose in writing but it is not the only thing you need to consider. You must also take into consideration how you are presenting your message. Even if you had a very important message to relay, but it is written in notebook lined paper, either the reader won’t take your seriously or totally ignore your message. Like I have discussed in my past articles, there are basic essentials that cannot be overlooked in writing your tax delinquent letters. You have to be direct to the point about telling the owners who you are, the purpose of your letter and what you intend to do after they read your letter. As far as aesthetics go, it is ideal use a number 10 white or ivory envelope. This gives an image of elegance and professionalism. Ideally the paper should be at least 24 pounds and the paper and envelopes are linen or cotton. If you happen to be on a tight budget or saving some money, you can go with a plain envelope, just remember, your image is also part of your investment. Please don’t use a window envelope. Don’t present your letter almost identical to the tax delinquent letters the county sends out. For sure, you’ll be thrown out like rubbish. Please try to avoid the use of self-adhesive labels to print the addresses to. Print directly to the envelope. It makes the recipient feel special, that you didn’t just write 150 different individuals and he is just one of the labels printed on a sheet. Be patient because a little bit of an extra effort in packaging can go a long way and contribute to your Tax Delinquent Investment Business. Always remember that!

By taking extra care in wrapping your gift before presenting your letters to the seller is by far, the most forgotten part in letter writing. Young or old, grumpy or happy, everyone loves to get presents, especially when they are presents they have wished for. Sometimes presents that are wrapped substandard to what we expect from a “dream come true” type of a present can be ignored or left unopened. To avoid being one of those gifts, remember, it’s all about the packaging! It determines whether your gift will be received, returned or totally lost in the shuffle.

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