Anywhere, Anyone

Anywhere, Anyone

The property tax delinquent investment system works anywhere in the country. It works particularly in the fringes or suburb or surrounding of a metropolitan. It works in rural areas that are just 3-4 hours travel away from the city. It works in these areas because it is only in these areas that you find $300-5,000 worth of properties. You would not find $5,000 properties in metropolitan areas. Aside from stiff competition, minimum bidding price in metropolitan is high because of great income potentials that cities offer. Though metropolitan fringes behave otherwise, cheap rural lands have its own marketability and attractiveness that sells. In fact, many people in US seek for rural lifestyles.

My system works in any country and the simplicity and usability of the business model I developed works ten times better then the old real investing industry methods. You only need a phone, computer, simple Microsoft Office, maps and internet access in this business. The phone, internet access and computer are most useful. Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel, is useful in making your letters and little computations. Maps and internet access are useful for additional reference in inspecting properties and other relevant information for the business. You can do 98% research online for aerial photos and pinpoint locations. GPS can also help. In fact, some students use GPS, but it is not necessary. It is personally useful when I am in the road and during teaching.

Though the property tax delinquent investment system is useful to anyone, it can only be relevant to few people—people who have great interests on changing their lives; those who wanted to leave their day jobs and earn more at the comfort of their time and pace; those who are overly motivated to learn.

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