Are you coming to my live seminar?

Are you coming to my live seminar?

In just ten days, I will be hosting my second live event. The first one in Miami was a huge success, and I hope you’ll be able to join me in Phoenix. I will be going into depth, spilling all the details and trade secrets behind my various real estate investment programs – everything from vacant land to tax deeds and liens.


This exclusive three-day seminar will be  an opportunity for you to meet with me, the creator of the Land for Pennies, Land Profit Generator, Tax Deed and Tax Lien Secrets as well as the ULL Program. Not only will I give you the most rundowns of this program possible, but I will be able to answer your questions extensively to help you tailor this program to YOUR NEEDS. Have you ever taken a home study course and wished you could ask the teacher YOUR questions? This is your opportunity to do so. You'll listen to the teaching sessions, take notes, and flesh out your ideas.

At that point you'll be able to ask YOUR questions to tailor this program to your SPECIFIC situation.

Like all my seminars, this event will last for three full days and will be comprehensive. It will be me and only a few select guest speakers teaching you how this business works and answering all of your questions. My goal is for you to come out of this seminar feeling “10-feet-tall and bulletproof”!

Can you imagine how you will feel after having such valuable information handed to you on a silver platter? For three days, you'll be immersed in my program with like-minded people all looking to do the same thing; make this land investment method work and START THRIVING (this is one of the most important success factors that millionaires have in common – they surround themselves with like-minded people). It has been said that you are a product of the people you surround yourselves with. There will be plenty of great people surrounding you at this seminar.

Please join me. I enjoy talking with you through my blogs and social media accounts, but I’d really like to shake your hand, look you in the eye, and hear all about your progress so far and your future goals. And even if you are just getting started, I’d like to hear all about that as well.

Here is a link with more info about the seminar and a button to purchase your discounted ticket:


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